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Admission requirements

Applications are open to students who are enrolled for the first time in the first year of a degree course in Medicine and Surgery at an Italian university during the present academic year.

They must pass all the exams of the first-year medical curriculum by fall exam session with an arithmetic grade-point average of 28/30 and have no grade below 24/30. Transferred exams ("convalide") will not be accepted even if they fulfil the requirement for completing the first year medical curriculum. Exams that are graded as pass/fail but have no numerical score must be passed but are not included in the average score and a grade of "30 with honours" is counted as 31 in the calculation of the grade-point average. Exams from other degree programmes or passed in years preceding  the present academic year will not be taken into account.

Last update: 25/07/2022 13:58
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